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Queen of Sheba restaurant is proud to bring you the first and only authentic Ethiopian Cuisine at its finest here in Louisville, Kentucky without you traveling thousands of miles to Africa since 2004!

Queen of Sheba’s menu items are selected to be the most popular dishes in Ethiopia with a variety of beef, chicken, lamb, fish and vegetable dishes with imported herbs and spices. Our recipes come straight from Mom's heart. Traditionally, all your entrées are served together on a large round tray to allow you to share your meal with your companion creating a unique dining experience.


Ethiopian food traditionally eaten with your fingers by simply tearing off a piece of the Injera (Ethiopian flat bread) and scooping your food with it. However, here at Queen of Sheba, we will be glad to serve your entrees separately on individual plates along with silverware.


So, come gather around and enjoy great food, culture and music. Ask for Ethiopian coffee to finish off a traditional meal. We hope you will have a pleasant and unique dining experience that you will remember, here at Queen of Sheba.


Enjoy you meal!


Ethiopian Food

Most of Ethiopian dishes are in a form of stew, which are slowly cooked with organic exotic spices that bring astonishing flavors to both meat and vegetable dishes. Ethiopian food is also known for freshly cooked sauteed dishes that are amazingly flavorful.

Here at Queen of Sheba, we strive to provide you consistent quality food and service. Our serving staff are well trained to make your dinning experience as pleasant as possible. The kitchen staff also trained personally by the owner and chef Selam.


 Ethiopian food is known to be very healthy.
We use selected fresh vegetables and USDA approved meats to prepare your dishes with vegetable oil and imported organic herbs and spices. We do not use canned, processed or frozen items to prepare our food. Injera is known to be high on iron and low on carbohydrates.



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